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About two years ago, we decided to build a house.

After several meetings with architects, we reached our destination. When we met Nina we realized that this would be our last meeting.

We got an architect, an interior designer and a life partner.

Her way of seeing the project, the importance of each and every detail in the choices, the care and dedication bought us.

During the entire period of working with her, we were given a huge sense of security, we knew that our home was in good and dedicated hands. We entrusted the project to her wholeheartedly.

All along, Nina became a part of our lives down to the last detail.

Her consideration for the client, dedication, care and the pursuit of perfection give an enormous sense of security that we wish for every person entering a project of this magnitude.

We recommend Nina without a shadow of a doubt, and we promise you won't regret it.

Inna Kaganov, Beer-She'eva

among our clients

the mexican
Om Brothers Contractor
CPA Osher Kidar
Paul's house
Forging center
Capital Holdings Company
Attorney Dan Malchiali
Ministry of Health
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